ISOLATION available now

Isolation coverThe most dangerous enemy is the one you can’t see…

Hundreds of lives are at risk as infectious diseases specialist Dr Julia Sinclair races to defeat a lethal outbreak of an antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The real danger though lurks unseen in the shadows – a serial killer who will stop at nothing to make their twisted plan a reality.

As Dr Sinclair battles to save her hospital and her patients she realises that all is not as it seems and the truth is even more terrifying than anyone could ever have imagined.

ISOLATION available now on Amazon.

Guess who’s getting published?

After years of write, revise, submit, revise, submit, revise, abandon all hope, bugger it, submit again, someone said yes! And not just any old someone, but the delightfully sweary Chris McVeigh, hot punk publisher of – so, how cool is that website?

In crime fiction – and in real life – being followed by a stranger can be dangerous. On twitter, it can be the start of something awesome. When I first saw that skull, my heart raced. I followed straight back and watched and waited, then Chris mentioned the gender inequality in his pile of submissions. Fighting words, indeed. Read more about it here – – I decided to submit like a man and here we are.

My first book, Isolation is coming soon. What’s it about? Well, it’s medical, combining my day job skills with my passion for crime fiction. It’s suspenseful…

The secret of suspense is to keep the reader waiting, so I’ll tell you more another day.