About me

By day, I’m a clinical microbiologist – that’s a pathologist specialising in the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases. Not the kind of pathologist who hangs around crime scenes and slices open dead bodies. In TV terms, I’m more like Dr Greg House, but without the limp or the drug habit and with a better bedside manner… I hope. Oh, and I’d kill for the turnaround time on his lab tests. Don’t tell my lab staff I said that – they do a fabulous job and I don’t want to scare them away.

After hours, I have a fatal weakness for crime fiction. Always buried in a book. How hard can it be to write one – or more – of my own? So I combined my medical background with my late-night-call-induced homicidal impulses and decided to find out. Join me on my journey, but be warned – it will get as gruesome as a zombie attack. Not afraid of a little blood or pus, are you?